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Sheet Pile

The Sheet pile requires input of:

  • Cross-section name (default name is generated by program, it can be changed using "User def." check box)
  • Cross-section type - it is selected in the dialog window "Catalog of profiles" (button "Catalog")

The catalog of profiles contains a lot of classes of sheet piles and casings from different manufacturers (see below). If you use different types of products, please contact us (, we will implement it into our catalog in the program.

Parameters input - sheet pile


Implemented sheet piles in our catalog

Steel sheet piles:

  • Vítkovice steel - Product catalog of sheet piles
  • Arcelor Mittal - Steel Sheet Piling, General Catalogue 2012
  • ThyssenKrupp Bautechnik - Sheet Piling Handbook
  • Chinese standard GB/T 20933-2014 Hot rolled sheet pile
  • Bethlehem Steel Sheet Piling
  • Gerdau Steel Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piles cold formed:

  • Mer Lion Metals - Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piles Catalogue

Trench sheeting:

  • ThyssenKrupp Bautechnik - Kaltgewalzte Spundwandprofile – Kanaldielen

Sheet piles O WOM/WOF:

  • Mer Lion Metals - Steel Sheet Piles Catalogue
  • PilePro Group Company - Sheet Pile Connectors